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Smooth Soften  Relax 

pedicurE | 60 MINS 

Dip your toes and feel the healing powers of the ocean with this aromatherapeutic pedicure. Feet are cleansed in a mineral soak to soothe and soften skin. Natural nail shaping and cuticle conditioning completed with a perfectly polished, high-quality varnish for a truly beautiful finish, completed by a foot conditioning lotion to hydrate and soften skin. 

spa pedicurE | 75 MINS

Detoxify skin while soaking in essential vitamins and minerals, natural nail shaping, and cuticle conditioning, a vigorous exfoliation of the foot completed with a perfectly polished, high-quality varnish, finished with a highly moisturising lotion. 

Luxury spa pedicurE | 75 MINS 

Sink into a warm mineral bath in this luxurious ocean salt spa. A callus treatment tough on cracked, dry skin. An exfoliation of the foot with natural pumice, alpha hydroxy acids and an invigorating foot scrub, completed with a heavenly de-stressing Swedish massage for tired, achy feet.

Spa Pedicure
Luxury Spa Pedicure
Deluxe spa Pedicure | 90 MINS 

Immerse yourself into Earth's healing powers and enjoy this heavenly 6-Step Crystal Spa. Natural Minerals and an Epsom Salts Soak, deeply hydrating natural ingredients will restore moisture and condition parched, dry skin. A gentle exfoliation with a sweet Sugar & Honey Scrub to slough away dead skin cells, completed by a detoxifying Masque, rich in antioxidants refine fine lines and wrinkles, enjoyed by the sensation of warm Heated Booties, a Swedish Foot & Leg Massage, completed with a high-quality Varnish finish and ten beautifully painted nails.

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