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Longer - Fuller - Thicker 

Eyelash tint | 20 MINS 

A semi-permanent eyelash dye will create depth of colour and definition to the eyes while accentuating eye colour. This treatment enhances even the shortest of lashes, making them appear longer and eyes brighter and less tired. The results can last up to 4 weeks.

Lashnv lift & Tint | 60 MINS 

Lash perfect from the moment you wake up without the use of false lashes or mascara, with this stunning wide-eyed full lash look brought to us by Lashnv Lashes. Lashes are straightened at the root to add length, volume and glamour to your natural eyelashes. This incredible 6-8 week wear service includes a lash tint to create depth and colour. With no maintenance required, you’ll be sure to be the envy of all others!

Classic Individual | 75 MINS  

Say goodbye to mascara, strip lashes, curlers and hello to gorgeously enhanced, semi-permanent, natural-looking lashes. This extremely popular salon service extends the look of your natural lashes with a variety of curls, lengths and thickness to create the desired look. A synthetic, light-weight lash extension is applied to an individual natural eyelash, providing longer, thicker, more voluminous looking lashes that are fun and flirty or glamorous and dramatic. Eyelashes will fall out with the natural lash cycle and will last 4- 6 weeks. Maintenance is required for this service. 


Russian volume | 120 MINS 

A semi-permanent volumising technique that creates a much fuller and thicker result compared to our Classic Individual and Hybrid lash sets. Two different lash applications (Classic 30% & Russian 70%) A choice of 2d-7d effect which consists of a number of ultra-fine artificial lashes applied to only one natural eyelash. This is the ideal beauty treatment for those who have naturally fine or sparse looking lashes. Maintenance is required for this service. 

Hybrid Lashes | 90 MINS 

Hybrid lashes is a combination of two different lash applications (Classic 70 % & Russian 30%) into one set of lashes, representing the best of both worlds with a more natural look.


Eyelashes will fall out with the natural lash cycle and will last 4-6 weeks. Maintenance is required for this service.

Eyelash Removal | 30 MINS 

Professional removal of artificial lash extensions using the appropriate methods of removal and professional strength products for a fast and safe removal, while maintaining the health and care of the natural eyelashes. This service includes a conditioning treatment. 

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