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Gel polish


Gel Manicure | 60 MINS 

Long-lasting, lustrous nail colour with Zero Dry Time. Add strength and protection to natural nails with up to 21-Day wear. Choose from over 200+ nail colours and a high Mirror-Shine finish. Seasonal colour launches collaborated with the latest fashion trends fresh off the catwalk. 

Forever French | 60 MINS

The 1970’s classic French Manicure white tip and a pink or beige base. Sported on the Parisian runway for a polished yet natural look for natural nails. Suited to match the change from day to night outfits.

Gel Spa manicure | 75 MINS

Ten beautifully painted nails using a gel polish colour of your choice, completed by a relaxing Hand Massage to condition and release tension, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Gel LUXURY Spa manicure | 90 MINS

Ten beautifully painted nails using a gel polish colour of your choice, followed by Earths Natural Minerals and Epsom Salts. Deeply hydrating natural ingredients will restore moisture and condition cracked, dry skin. A gentle exfoliation Hand Scrub to slough away dead skin cells, completed by a rejuvenating Hand Massage.

Gel Deluxe Spa manicure | 90 MINS

Ten beautifully painted nails using a gel polish colour, followed by handfuls of diamonds in this 6-Step Diamond Crystal Spa. Skin is massaged by soft, natural Konjac beads and a sweet Sugar & Honey scrub. A detoxifying Masque rich in antioxidants refine fine lines and wrinkles, while enjoyed by the sensation of warm Heated Mittens, finished with a Swedish Hand and Arm Massage.


Gel polish removal | 15 MINS

A kind and gentle removal process using high-quality removers containing conditioning agents and professional apparatus. A safe, fast and efficient removal of the product while maintaining the condition of healthy natural nails. Nails are reconditioned with a synergistic blend of Organic Oils.

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